How did the flapper changed women’s roles? – Flapper Dresses Cheap

The flapper was considered a tomboy, a man, and a woman. There were no labels attached to her.

But the Flapper didn’t live as a boy—she had to be groomed to be pretty. Even her name was a man’s name.
Fashion that Roared: 1920s Evening Wear - ABC News

Flapper dresses, the flapper looks like a man!

You don’t see this in Hollywood. They don’t look like women who live on the set.

What about the woman in drag who lives off the set?

What’s her gender?

The drag queen is a man in drag.

In drag they don’t look like women—they look like men.

The Drag Queen is a man in drag.

I know what you’re looking for. It’s not the man wearing the dress but the man in drag. That’s what I’m here to talk about.

You’re the man who wants to change the way men and women think to make them look more like women.

The Flapper doesn’t wear men’s clothing because it doesn’t work for her. It works, it works perfectly, for me. I am a tomboy. That is my identity.

If the woman in drag doesn’t see herself as a woman but as “the feminine”, if she isn’t interested in the physical beauty and the sex appeal of men, wouldn’t the drag queen or flapper want to change the makeup and the clothes to fit inside that category of woman?

I have to ask, do the trans woman still have gender and the male model still have gender?

Yes, you can. You are genderless as long as you don’t feel like you have male or female characteristics.

You can be masculine or feminine. You can be both, just as someone looking at me will think, you say you’re a flapper, not that you dress like a man, because she isn’t, but she is.

If you look at me or at the women in drag, they are dressing like men. If you look at me or at the woman in drag, they are dressing like women.

You don’t have to have a role. Even though you can be a flapper, you can still change your clothes to be what’s comfortable. You can be all genders and identities.

Why not?

Because it feels right.

The Flapper is an adult, you can dress however you want

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