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I think it is because they got used to seeing women as subservient to men.”

She added that it was only in recent times that women had begun to feel empowered.

The author also said: “It was very easy for women to sit around and have casual sex and go for short periods. For a little over a century women had been having sex with men, which is what they were expected to do by everyone.

“They would go out and look at men, have a drink, then get in the car to go home.

“The fact that they didn’t do that and they took the initiative and made themselves responsible and they were responsible was a very positive change.”

She added that men “need to realise that women are a resource they can always use”.

“People don’t look at women as having resources.”

Image copyright AFP Image caption Mr Burdon was found guilty of 12 indecent assaults

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In December 2010, the trial heard how Mr Burdon had a history of sexual assaults and rapes against women.

He was caught after undercover officers set up an online conversation with a woman in a bar in Oxford who was being flirtatious about him.

The undercover officer invited her to have a drink and while she accepted the offer after being reassured by another man who had been present, she then moved to an adjoining room.

She said she then went up to him and told him she had sex with another woman when she and him had gone to the pub.

During the argument she allegedly said: “You don’t want to do it over a drink, if you do I’m going to say you’re a rapist.”

At court Mr Burdon denied assault but was found guilty of 12 charges of indecent assault, two of indecent assault and 12 of rape and sentenced to 16 years in prison.

He had been released from prison before he was arrested for a total of 40 counts of all charges.

At a bail hearing in 2015, Miss Evans said: “The victim’s decision to have consensual sex with Mr Burdon was totally unplanned and she did not make a conscious decision not to have sex.

“Mr Burdon had never met the victim before the time of the encounter and was extremely unprepared for the way she would respond.

“That was the basis on which he was convicted.”

Mr Burdon, who was a private

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