How did flappers wear their hair? – Gold Flapper Dress

Was it more ornamental, or did they wear it to show off their figure?
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The flappers were considered stylish, but we don’t know whether they ever wore it on their head. There is evidence of their wearing it on their head in the 1885 book The Beauty of Flapper Style. It is only mentioned once and that is as “a cap with her hair.” The book says that flapper heads were “flappers with their hair, the hair of the flapper” (p. 13). The book does not define what “flapper” meant, just that women were flappers, with their hair, which would be the type of woman who wore a long, high ponytail known as a “pom-pom.”

The book’s author was Mary Ann Spalding who is considered the “mother” of the English-style. She was known for her books published in 1884 and 1885 under the title, Beauty of the Flapper. The book was also mentioned in “The Flappers in America.”

According to Mary Ann Spalding’s description in her book, in these photos, when they wear their hair, the “flapper was an elegant and graceful woman, with her hair flowing down and straight behind” (p. 3). This could mean the hair on the top was part of their hairstyle or it could be an example of a women’s hair in a high ponytail worn long, and a high back ponytail worn straight with it.

It is said that women could have their hair naturally, or they could dye, weave, or make their hair “flapper-like.” Spalding’s book says the flapper’s hair flow like that of “a woman’s hair” (p. 2). It could mean the hair was part of a woman’s natural style, or it could be that it was part of a flapper’s style.

In addition to her flapper style, in 1885, the fashion magazines had a special section devoted to women who wore their hair in flapper styles. There were articles in the September, January and April, 1886 and June, 1927 issues that talked about the flapper styles. It is a good idea to have a look at some of these magazines. Most of the articles are pretty long.

The most popular article was about the flapper hairstyles and the style. There was also an article about the flapper wearing her hair on their head. The June, 1927 issue

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