Did flappers have jobs? – Cheap 1920S Plus Size Gatsby Flapper Dresses

Did any of them leave? Why or why not?

Couldn’t they just buy a house in the city? Or an apartment?

Why hadn’t they taken a more glamorous career that doesn’t require a salary?

These were the questions that a few years ago I put some effort into. Then a friend pointed out that there might not be any more jobs for the flappers. Couldn’t the women be out of work?

That’s when I thought about the flapper factory. Is it possible that women are more likely to quit a good job to pursue what they like and where they want to be instead?

I had never thought about the work I did as a reporter, so I never asked. But now I wondered. If so, what if I wanted to do a more glamorous career than what I did? Could I really make a career out of working a good full-time job, maybe even a big one like in the press? If not, could I find something more desirable?

And what if I could?

I found myself wondering about what the flappers of the past would have gone through without the flappers of today. Did anyone ever quit to do what they enjoyed and where they wanted to be? Would you?

How many women today are still flappers? Are we going to see even more of them? Will the women of the future get a chance to explore their desires and explore themselves and their careers the way they liked?

I decided I needed to know.

After all, if any of these women had done these things, they might not have lost themselves forever. Not all of the women who have been in the flappers’ factory will be like the ones who started it — maybe not to the extent that they’re unhappy, but at least to an extent.

These are just some of the people like me interested in why and how they went into what they were into. But I’m not here to tell you that they were the lucky ones. Not all of them are. And some of them lost out.

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